How the Sidekick Works:

Your dog can ride comfortably, without flopping around in the car, and see more easily out of the window without climbing on the car door or YOU! Its under-stuffed bean bag design actually ABSORBS MOTION, keeping your dog from sliding onto the floor in an abrupt stop or sliding around while turning corners. The Sidekick gives your dog a comfortable, place to sit and boosts him up to see more clearly out of the windows. Used with a Sidekick seatbelt and your dog's harness (NOT collar) your dog is provided even greater safety. When used together, this system reduces YOUR distractions, reducing your risk of an accident caused by an unrestrained pet.

sidekick for pets - motion absorbing car seat for dogs   sidekick for pets - motion absorbing car seat for dogs  sidekick for pets - motion absorbing car seat for dogs


The Sidekick has a thick, durable, comfortable faux suede fabric (or luxurious faux fur), over-lock and topstitched to provide strong seams. The Velcro straps which attach the Sidekick to the lap portion of the seatbelt are a secure method of attachment, yet allowing easy removal when you want to use the Sidekick in the house, in a café, or other location. The outer cover is removable and machine washable. The inner bag is made of heavy polyester poplin with strong over-lock stitching. It will not tear although difficult, it may be punctured (so make sure your pet does not chew on it). Its cover is not removable but can be hand washed and hung to dry.

Although every effort is made to provide a sturdy product, please do not leave your pet unattended while in use and especially if your dog is a puppy or makes a habit of chewing his bedding. The little polystyrene beads can present a hazard if inhaled.

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