The Evolution of the SIDEKICK®

Sidekick - car seat for dogsYears ago, I owned a little cabin in Big Bear, California. The drive was very windy; twists and turns every few yards, having to slow quickly, at the most severe turns. The two little dogs, if not in my lap (UGH!) were hurled throughout the car. The distraction was enormous! If I put them in crates in the back of the car I listened to constant barking that even the loudest music couldn't drown out or comfort them. This made the drive almost unbearable!

Well, last year, I found one of these bean bags in my garage and put it on the seat of the car sidekick for the carfor Maggie to sit on. It was amazing and she loved it! The SIDEKICK ABSORBS MOTION even in the sharpest curves and abrupt stops. Thus, The SIDEKICK evolved into the best car booster seat for dogs!

The SIDEKICK SEAT BELT keeps your dog restrained in the area where he's sitting on the SIDEKICK. I found this to be essential for a safer car ride. Not only does it prevent your dog from wandering all over the car or onto your lap, it keeps him from distracting you while you're driving.

Also, one day, not too long ago, I was turning left at an intersection. Another car was turning right, onto the street I was leaving. We passed each other in the intersection. Her little dog had his head out of the window, paws on the windowsill. The dog FELL OUT OF THE WINDOW ONTO THE STREET, flying left as the driver turned right! I stopped immediately, got out of my car and, of course, screaming for the driver to come back, stopped traffic and retrieved the shaken but unharmed little dog. She pulled over, along with everyone else, and got her dog back. This could have been a terrible tragedy but with a SIDEKICK and a SIDEKICK SEATBELT, it would have been prevented.

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sidekick carseat for dog
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