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Frequently Asked Questions about the SIDEKICK®

Is it Machine Washable?
The outer bag, faux suede or faux fur are machine washable on low temperature both wash and dry (gentle cycle). You can also hang to dry. The inner bag is hand washable and must be hung to dry.

Is it Durable?
Sturdy, quality fabrics are used throughout the Sidekick; overlock on the faux fur seams and inner polyester poplin (very strong) inner bag. The faux suede Sidekicks are double top stitched for extra strength.

Does it work for big dogs?
Yes! Although their entire body may not fit on the Sidekick, just their leaning into it gives them the same motion absorbing comfort. If used in the back of an SUV, they can just lean on it there. Although, being used buckled to the car's seat belt and with the Sidekick Seat Belt is best.

Does it work for cats?
Most cats LOVE the Sidekick in the house. Few people ride in their cars with cats unless they're in a carrier of some kind.

Can I use it in the house?
Absolutely! Many people use the Sidekick wherever they take their pet; in the house, in the car, at outdoor cafes, at friends' houses and also, in pet-friendly hotels.

What if my pet won't use it?
It's rare that your dog won't love it in the car, especially after they experience the MOTION ABSORBING quality and no longer slide around on the seat or fall on the floor. You can easily train your dog to climb right on, buckle up and enjoy the ride. But, at first, it may be similar to getting a 2 year old to adjust being in their car seat...

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sidekick carseat for dog
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