Frequently Asked Questions about the SIDEKICK® Pet Bed

Is it washable?
YES. The outer, faux suede cover and pillow cover are machine washable, low temperature for wash and dry. The pillow and bumper are hand washable in cool water and can be hung to dry.

Is it durable?
Yes. The faux suede and fur fabrics are very sturdy. The overlock stitching is strong. The cover fit is designed to be easily removed for washing.

Will the Sidekick Pet Bed fit on a platform bed? Yes. It is designed to fit on most platform beds. The "hang arm" that holds the Sidekick "bed" is tall enough and allow clearance for easy fit.

Does it work for big dogs?
The weight of your mattress plays a big part in determining what weight of dog the Sidekick Pet Bed will support. Most dogs 55 pounds and lighter do not need the support leg. But, If you find you need it, it can be purchased separately. Please check the dimensions of the pet bed and the SIZE of your dog.

Does it work for CATS?

Can it be used in the car?
Yes. The Sidekick Pet Bed can be used as a car seat. Especially if you're taking your pet on a "road trip". It can also be used in your hotel room.

Is it portable?
Yes. The Sidekick Pet Bed is made of aluminum and steel to be strong and lightweight. The three main parts, bed, hang arm and extension, come apart for convenient portability.

What if my pet won't use it?
Sometimes it takes some time for your pet to get comfortable not being on your bed. put his favorite toys and even treats in it to entice him. With encouragement, he will eventually learn to love his own space.

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